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Sharing Space

Geographic distance has expanded the gaps between our times of togetherness with family and friends. That bears its own sadness, but it also brings a richness. I notice the way my mental picture feels a touch out of alignment when the real person walks in the door, because they have evolved into a deeper rendition of themselves while we were each off in our own respective worlds. How delightful to get in sync once more. How delightful to be in their space, to see the ways in which they’ve grown, to hold them close, and then to set them free again. Life is most certainly very good.

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We Had Visitors

That is the best feeling, truly, when a horse at complete liberty and with a thrumming desire to feed its belly, turns instead to you and says, hey, let’s hang out together for a bit. It is being chosen in a way that is exponentially more powerful than you would expect; enough to make up for all of the times you were ever not picked in life, even the ones you once though mattered. Especially those.

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