The Mother Tree
The Mother Tree

We bought a house. A farm, actually. After five ambivalent years, California had had enough of us, spitting us out with enough force that we landed in Ocala, Florida. We want to be here, but the transition was hasty and the need to land 15 animals safely motivated us to claim a place that, while expansive, boasts a fair amount of imperfection, from our perspective anyway.

It occurs to me that this expansive imperfection reveals quite a bit regarding my manner of dreaming things into being, but I hope not to dwell on that, not yet. I’d rather start with the thing we are doing now, which is establishing a relationship with the property, the house. Listening to it. Putting ourselves out to it. Dislodging it from what seems to be its deep rut about what it is and suggesting to it what it could be.

Thank you for being a part of that journey.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I have so enjoyed reading your wonderful snippets taken from your life story. I don’t know you but somehow I feel connected to you. Perhaps it’s your writing, your honesty, the love we both share for all the intricacies in life, the love for writing, love of animals; even more specifically our love for Wheatens. Who really knows! It could be a culmination of all those wonderful things. It started with your post on Facebook tonight which then connected me to your blog and the stories about your life. Your very candid piece on Molly I very much appreciated and related too, as we rescued a very sad, fearful Wheaten in May. I then wanted to read more. I had to reach out to you to let you know that your writing has given me the inspiration to start writing again! I love writing, but life just got nutty and my writing went to the wayside about 6 years ago. Lately I’ve been feeling an awakening, a yearning to write again. Then my thoughts would quickly go to a negative place; what am I going to write, who’s going to read it, where am I going to write (a blog, website, journal, SNL…just kidding). So I end up getting caught up in details that really don’t much matter. Reading your writing just showed me how beautiful just simply sitting down and putting our thoughts into words so as to share with others who may be interested. Your work in a way gave me permission to start mine. I just wanted to share that with you. You inspired me to pull the beauty back out of myself and share it…simple as that! Thank you very much! From one Minnesotan to an ex-Minnesotan!😊 Thanks! With the warmest of regards~Jill

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  2. I have been thinking long and hard about your lovely comment and here is my best response: You must write. You must. Start anywhere. If you wish, I will be your writing buddy. Send me your words; I will send you mine. So glad to be friends on Facebook, now, so I will be watching you! 😉


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