Pet People

We have been frequent fliers at the small animal vet this week; seriously Platinum Level. By the end of tomorrow, we will have made four visits covering six of the nine dogs in our tribe. For most of the pandemic, our vet had a wait-in-the-car policy. The waiting room is re-opened now and that has made for some great people and pet-watching. Our appointment today was late afternoon so we overlapped with a steady stream of folks picking up their pets from same day procedures. The reunification saga played out over and over: Enthusiastic, sometimes still loopy dog bursting from the inner confines of the clinic, eager greetings from their humans cooing (or even crying) over what a good dog they had and how they missed him. You get the picture. You probably have been the picture. I know I have been.

Our pets can bring out the best in us, sometimes against our own will. Our desire for their health and well-being, or the sense of loss we feel by even their temporary absence, makes mushy blubber balls out of the most hard core of us. There is such kindness in that. Today, I got to watch that river flow and it made my heart full.

Day 14

Writing about what sings to me from a life made full with animals.

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