The Barn

I live in two places — the house and then also the barn. The rhythm of any given day is defined by the barn and what goes on there. Cold, wet weather, like we’ve been having for the last several days, means more efforts at keeping animals safe and comfortable. Nicer weather leaves room for grooming, playtime and riding. Always, there is the duty of keeping things functioning and there is never a day off. Yes, we are deeply aware of the intrinsic burdens and limitations that come from living a life with animals, so many animals.

But also…..That barn represents a powerful, flowing well of kindnesses, given and received. Animals are so damn grateful for everything– you showed up to feed us! It’s raining and you’re keeping us dry! It is easy to find opportunities to care, to be kind and I see how kind acts ripple through them and reflect back to me. If ever someone visits the barn, that is what I want them to take away: How much kindness matters to animals. How much it should matter to us.

Day 16

Writing about what sings to me from a life made full with animals.

4 thoughts on “The Barn

  1. A profound lesson for everyone. Thank you for sharing. I love being in our barns. I talk to the alpacas, and they talk to me. And yes, you’re so right. They are so grateful, as am I, for the privilege of giving them a good life.

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