Annie, an Update

It hasn’t even been a week since little foster pup, Annie, joined us. Think of it: A week ago she was home in a situation that had been unraveling for quite a bit of time, but was nevertheless “normal” to her. We are trying to crack the code of Annie, and in part, what she is telling us is there is not a lot of overlap between that world and the world she is in now. We are giving her freedom, as much as she can handle, so we don’t presume what she wants. She roams the house like a Roomba and has three places where she “docks” herself. All three are in the pathway of things. Even when she sleeps hard, she doesn’t want to wake up, forgotten. She happily follows the lead of the other dogs. She is immensely delighted that food happens on a reliable schedule. And she likes Gordy.

Sometimes, and mostly kiddingly, Gordy and I compare notes about whose dogs are whose, who likes each of us “the best”. Right now with Miss Annie it is definitely Gordy. She sought his lap out first and her bedroom “docking” station is the rug on his side of the bed. He is the one who feeds the dogs and feeds us and Annie has made herself a wide-eyed and underfoot participant in all his kitchen activities. She is depressed and sleeps a lot, but she is also dipping her little paw in the water of engagement and that is a very good sign so soon into her transition. Today, when Gordy left to run errands, she lingered at the door that had closed behind him, looked left and right, waited a bit. He is beginning to matter and that little moment filled me with joy. I am so hopeful for Annie, for the second life that is possible for her because her heart is still open. And I love you, Gordy, for your kind and wonderful soul, for wanting to help a little pup become whole again.

Day 21

Writing about what sings to me from a life made full with animals.

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