Change What You Want

Tootsie has been with us two years now. A lot has changed for her in those two years. She lost her eyes and she lost 34 pounds, which was more than half her body weight. In the scheme of things, losing her eyes was the easy part. Glaucoma had taken her sight but left her in excruciating pain. Lose the eyes; lose the pain. The weight was a different matter. Food was everything to her, most likely because it had been a surrogate to sooth her in her undiagnosed pain. Plus, she wanted the good stuff — people food in all its forms. We fed her strict rations of weight loss dog food. Period. Her only treats were carrots and frozen broccoli and she was beside herself at these dismal offerings. But, bit by bit, she changed what she wanted. Today, she is no longer frustrated with us or her diet and quite looks forward to the bright spot that is her noon carrot, parking herself in front of the fridge, waiting for it to open and dispense that orange treasure.

What a relief it is for her, changing her wants to match her reality. What a relief it would be for me to do the same.

Day 29

Writing about what sings to me from a life made full with animals.

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