Meet Annie

Do you remember the circumstances of Tootsie’s rescue? She belonged to an elderly woman who was taken from her home by ambulance and died. Her adult children didn’t wish to deal with the dogs she left behind and so Tootsie and her brother were confiscated by Animal Control. Fortunately, the Humane Society pulled Tootsie and we fostered, then adopted her and thus, I can get you quickly to the easy part, the happily-ever-after part of the story. Today, we picked up an emergency foster — a wee little, emaciated pup named Annie. Her elderly owner had dementia and died at home. It was clear that Annie had not been tended to, even fed, for some time. The adult children told the funeral director, who came for the woman’s body, to just let the dog loose, but of course he didn’t and instead shepherded Annie into the rescue safety net and now here she is with us. It is not the easy part of the story. It is the part where my blood boils. Some people are so crushingly disappointing. Usually, it is animals and children that suffer. Or that is what affects me the most.

It is hard to find your kindness when what you want to do is hurt people, you know, the “bad” people. It is probably more important than anything to stay in your kindness in just those moments. I don’t care about them, not really. Their lives are going to be affected by their actions in ways they may not ever realize. Mine the same and so today, Gordy and I tumbled our kindness into the truck and took it on a little road trip to bring Annie home, for healing and for the kindness and love she completely and fully deserves.

Day 17

Writing about what sings to me from a life made full with animals.

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