More Vet Stories

We scheduled Marco for a vet visit, the last one in our record week of vet visits. Marco is a big dog and the more complete truth is that he is a big, older dog, with one surgically revised knee. That story pretty much writes its own ending, but we don’t plan on making it easy for that to happen. We manage Marco’s physical limitations with medication and physical support and we’ve had a pretty good run, but lately, lately…it has become clear that we are not doing enough. It is hard, but we have gotten better about asking questions we aren’t so sure we want answers to, at least when it comes to the animals. It was time to ask a question about Marco and today was the start of that.

There is some hard wiring in me that says if you are going to ask the question, expect the bad answer or again, the more complete truth is rehearse, plan, and prepare for the bad answer and that is exactly what I have been doing this past week. So, when the vet said, in fact Marco’s x-rays looked pretty darn good and lets talk about better pain management because we have loads of options we haven’t even touched yet, I couldn’t hear her. Sorry? What? Excuse me while I take my black cloud down, step back away from the ledge, and start acting like a normal person again.

I am relieved and elated about where we are at…and where we are not. I tell myself that the Universe probably hands out kindnesses in at least the same ratio as difficulties and it is fair to expect some of those kindnesses to land in your pocket. Today was that day.

Day 15

Writing about what sings to me from a life made full with animals.

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