Take it With You

Though the days are shorter, the quality of weather this week has made for some glorious outside time. The house may go unvacuumed, but the pastures are fully dragged, the barn is stripped of cobwebs, and all the buckets are cleaned and re-hung. I wish I could bottle and redistribute this time somewhere down the line when it is too hot or too cold, but I know that would most likely just dilute the impact of the day that is, this day. We also had visitors today and that is especially wonderful. To have this day and share it? Well, that’s a bit of magic right there. These are friends of my sister, and they had visited the farm when they were in the area about the same time last year. That time was delightful and what made it so is the extent to which our visitors were open to the energy of the farm, the way we are with animals. Even though unfamiliar with horses and donkeys, they were eager to experience and to trust. The herd did not disappoint, but especially, oh, especially the donkeys did not disappoint, so willing to show up and be kind.

I think secretly this was the draw for coming back; to see if the magic was still there and yet, again, the donkeys did not disappoint. I love the horses and feel so strongly for and with them, but the donkeys are uncanny in their sense of connection. I take no credit. It is not learned. It is their “isness” to be that way. That picture tells you everything you would ever want to know about such things. No one called out to the donkeys or told them company was coming. They knew and remembered and came to their “old friend” to shower her with kindness and fondness stored up for a whole year. If you stay true to your own kindness, a donkey will know that and be your friend for life. Be that with a donkey and then take it with you. Be that for someone else; reflect their true nature and kindness back at them, like a donkey would. There. Mystery of life, solved.

Day 20

Writing about what sings to me from a life made full with animals.

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