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We Had Visitors

That is the best feeling, truly, when a horse at complete liberty and with a thrumming desire to feed its belly, turns instead to you and says, hey, let’s hang out together for a bit. It is being chosen in a way that is exponentially more powerful than you would expect; enough to make up for all of the times you were ever not picked in life, even the ones you once though mattered. Especially those.

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The Place We Call … Farm

The farm, our farm, IS a lot of work; it is also a great source of joy and personal satisfaction. It’s not just the big picture of it, but the little scenes that make my heart sing. A hundred times a day these things catch me – – first my eye, then my heart. I am swept up in the beauty of it, the intimate moments that arise because we are woven together, both two-legged and four-legged, in a web of caretaking and daily living. Someone is always eager to share those moments with me.

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Good, Good People

I love social media, but I don’t always know how to navigate it. Earlier this week I posted about Lisa at Toby’s Legacy Equine Rescue. Lisa had a rough week, a really crappy week actually, trying to absorb the impact of a truly devastating event. .I asked folks to show her some loving kindness because of the good person she is and the good work she does. Here is a link to the post on the Rescue’s site where a whole lot of that loving kindness went down. I wanted to share this because it made me feel good, I hope it made Lisa feel better, and maybe it will give you a bit of a lift as well. Just read the comments. Thank you Lisa. The past few days have been a struggle trying to make sense of things, trying to keep on as life… Posted by Toby’s Legacy Equine Rescue, Inc.on Wednesday, September 23, 2015