Take the Wheel

“There is a kindness that dwells deep down in things; it presides everywhere, often in the places we least expect. The world can be harsh and negative, but if we reman generous and patient, kindness inevitably reveals itself. Something deep in the human soul seems to depend on the presence of kindness; something instinctive in us expects it, and once we sense it we are able to trust and open ourselves.”

John O’Donohue

Kindness hardly ever steps up loud and demands to take the wheel. It feels more like a timid child who will only ever be heard if the world would just stop shouting for a red hot second. There is so much loudness in my interior world. Emotions, stirred up; thoughts spiraling down rabbit holes. I get so frustrated and exhausted within myself so I am calmed by the thought of kindness as an inherent part of the life force that runs through all living creatures. It is available at anytime, just waiting to be seen, to be heard, to rise up and flow. Yet right now, it feels radical to turn toward kindness, to let kindness take the wheel. I have been deep breathing through that thought all day.

Day 2

Writing about what sings to me from a life made full with animals.

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