This is what a corner of my workroom looks like right now, crammed full with bags of gifts for children I am assigned to as a Guardian ad Litem. I have the great pleasure of delivering these gifts over the next few weeks as I visit my kiddos at their foster placements. I didn’t buy those toys and clothes and games. I just filled out a little form with the name of the child and a wish list of presents and then, as if by magic, the day comes where all the gifts are ready for pickup and my subsequent delivery. What makes the gifts manifest is the great kindness of the sweet souls that, year after year, organize this gift drive and the complete strangers who pick a child’s card with the intent of making that child’s Christmas wishes come true.

Maybe you have participated in a similar kind of gift drive before; the “kids in need” mitten tree at work, or the “Toys for Tots” program. Kids in the dependency system have had a heck of a lot of things go wrong for them, through no fault of their own. Foster parents are awesome but the economic burden of making Christmas wonderful for their additional inhabitants can be challenging. My workroom corner is full because of the thoughtful ones who cared enough to express their kindness anonymously. And the only thing I can do, just as anonymously, is to say out into the Universe — your kindness matters, oh, how it matters.

Day 48

Writing about what sings to me from a life made full with animals.

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