Annie, an Update II

Annie has been with us a month now and we are becoming “experts” on her personality and idiosyncrasies. She sleeps a lot and when she sleeps it is very soundly, with eyes that don’t fully close. Next week, she will be having much needed dental surgery — an event that carries some trepidation, given her age. She wanders the house in great looping circuits at night, but has settled well during the daylight hours. She follows her people around and has mostly acclimated to our incessant efforts to pick her up and snuggle. We are still working on perfecting that whole house training thing; she is quite stubborn about that. In all regards, Annie is the poster child for what to expect when adopting a senior dog. Still, cuteness counts and Annie brings her “A” game there. She is waifish and heart-melting in this Little Orphan Annie (get it) sort of way. Also, if you recalibrate your expectations, you can see her efforts, her improvements in behavior. She is doing the best she can, given where she is coming from. All that touches my heart. Being old and a touch confused is not a crime; it is a full part of the life cycle and Annie is living hers with us. We are all right where we belong.

Day 46

Writing about what sings to me from a life made full with animals.

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