I know there are water people, those who feel a deep attraction to the ocean, the flow of water, but I am a land person. One of the simplest and yet most profound pleasures of my day is the view of land and sky from my back yard. The lighting is at its most beguiling this time of year, soft and nostalgic, and though the grass is low, it is still green enough to hold it’s own. I am in awe. We have someone helping us with the farm work and he is cultivating a relationship with this place. I think he understands what we do which is that we are here as guardians, as cultivators and nurturers — not as possessors — of the ground that we walk. It has a life of its own and our sense of what it should be is only opinion. Of course, I think this is true of animals as well. I have not always been good at accepting that equation which is a nice way of saying I put way more value on my opinion than the organic truth of things the animal possessed. I am better, much better now, but only because they have taught me to be so. This land, the ground I walk is teaching me, too.

Day 41

Writing about what sings to me from a life made full with animals.

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