Be There

I am an introvert by nature and the last year of social disruption seems to have made me even more so. I can go days without leaving the farm and without even wanting to. Thank heavens, Gordy is an out-and-about kind of guy or we would have starved by now. Perhaps I started writing again because I was a bit starved for external expression, anxiety-provoking though it can be. I know I have benefited greatly from this first week of it all; especially in the exchanges I then am able to have with others. It is like I am tapping into a great pool of available like-mindedness and kindness and taking little sips.

Kindness doesn’t have to ride in on a white horse (though that would be some kind of magical experience for me, if it did). Kindness can just be there — out there, waiting until tapped and let to flow. That is the greatest blessing I have gained from this week; the kindness of others coming back to me in tiny, little sips. I thank you.

Day 9

Writing about what sings to me from a life made full with animals.

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