Something About Molly – A Story in (Mostly) Pictures

There is truly something special about Molly. That is the best explanation I have for why hordes of exuberantly sympathetic folks from all sorts of places in the world have taken time to give her a shout out and throw some loving her way.

Molly is feeling it.

Molly looking lovely and loved on.
Molly looking lovely and loved on.

Molly’s rescue is a sad story with a happy ending or, the way I see it, it’s a sad story with a happy, new beginning. After a long time of being not so swell, life is smiling at Molly and Molly is learning to smile right back.  I want to tell that story. I want to show you that story in pictures. Are you ready?

Here is the first picture of Molly logged on my camera, early September . If you saw the post about her rescue, you would have seen this picture.

The saddest picture of Molly, but not true anymore.
The saddest picture of Molly, but not true anymore.

I took this because her shaking, crouching body was saying she could not handle anything more intimate than that; no touching, no eye contact. What you cannot tell from this picture is how much our hearts were breaking at the sight of her — and how much she smelled. Oh my goodness, did she smell! Skin infections, eye infections, ear infections, weeks of life as a feral dog; it was not easy on her.

Once we got her home, we coaxed her through two baths and a very painstaking haircut to find this somber little girl hidden inside.

A little shell shocked.
A little shell shocked.

She was not well and it showed. We got into our regular vet first thing the next morning. Here’s the medication arsenal from that first trip:

I told you we're not kidding about this.
I told you — we’re not kidding about this.

Molly has visited the vet every week since then, including today where we found out we actually get to wait ten days before returning — no one is taking chances on plans for a full and healthy recovery for this little dear!

Every day, three times a day, Molly had something done to her to improve her health and get her feeling better.

Eye medicine massages.
Eye medicine massages.

Every day, three times a day, something happens where the something frequently includes medicated baths. Yup, you guessed it, it’s her least favorite part.

I'm tired of being wet, mom.
I’m tired of being wet, mom.

Now, good and frequent vet care has certainly played a huge role in Molly’s recovery, but it’s not the only ingredient. We have been loving her up, big time, and I mean Big. Time. We do not pass by her without providing a smooch or snuffle. If she comes to us on her own accord, well, that warrants full body contact for as long as she wants. Gordy is a master at this.

You mean I get to stay here forever?
You mean you’ll be my dad and I can stay here forever?

Molly was probably an only dog and now she has siblings — a lot of them. In the beginning, when her health was fragile, the big dogs — the maremmas — were her constant companions, worrying over her and guarding her as much as we did.

Are you afraid of the storm, Molly?
Are you afraid of the storm, Molly?

Because she was so weak, I would carry her down to the barn and let her find a place where she felt warm and safe. Then the maremmas would lay with her, just to be sure.

Never alone.
Never alone.

One day, Molly decided she was all over that ‘I’m the fragile one” stuff and Molly began to play.

First someone your own size.
First, play with someone your own size.
Taking on the Titans
Then, take on the Titans
Taking a break from all that playing.
Taking a break from all that playing.

Molly is also wildly enthusiastic about the donkeys. There are three of them — miniature donkeys — but Molly is especially in love with BJ. If Molly is out of eye sight, just find BJ.

The feelings appear to be mutual.
The feelings appear to be mutual.

Molly is learning a lot from her siblings — not all of which is ideal. But, she’s happy, so we pretty much have to be okay with that.

Giada is a bad influence.
Why, yes, Giada, this is much more fun than a medicated bath.
What a nice hole you've dug there, girls.
What a nice hole you’ve dug there, ladies.

The point of all this, the thing I want you to see is that Molly is doing better — so much better — because Molly is loved, Molly is a part of a family, Molly is home — for good and forever. Her life was on fast forward to a certain end, but someone intervened, someone said they would find help, and someone answered. You could do that. You could be that person, the one who sees the pup behind the scruff and smell, who sees the pup that shows up when love and care are freely given. There are a million chances to do that every day. Let me know if you do. I will throw all sorts of loving your way, too, like you did, for Molly.

So, yes, Molly. She has decided this works for her, this new life, and we are all very happy about that. All of us.

Very happy about your choice, Miss Molly.

I told you this was a story in pictures.

Writing about what sings to me from a life made full with animals.

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