The Right Tools

This went out “half baked” …. here’s the full cooked version.


The house looks quite presentable…from the front. The landscaping was refreshed about five years ago, including the driveway and sidewalk. Plus, there are few painted surfaces in sight, mostly brick. All in all, we’re happy with it. The back of the house and yard are a different story. A completely different story. This area has birthed a large number of items on our renovation list which grows each time one of us plays “Dorothy” and looks behind the curtain. Everything feels old and weary and when you dig into it, you find old and weary is actually rotted. Sigh.

It has begun to weigh on us, awareness of the scope of it and trying to live with it, so this weekend we decided to tackle some changes to the landscaping. The landscaping in the back is limited, but well established. Which is a kind way of saying it has been there forever and lacks imagination. In the beginning…

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2 thoughts on “The Right Tools

  1. 😳😱no longer is it just jubilee that you are finding, it must be “Dorothy”, too! Go for it, Guys! You need to move some of your Guys, Gordy, to help!😀😍

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